Why Choose Us

"The best way to eliminate your pest problems satisfactorily is to let reliable professional to do the job."


Who We Are

"We are a team of experienced pest management professionals building up our reputation since eighties in last century"

Fast pest removal

We prefer to use quick knock-down instead of residual insecticides if chemical treatment is necessary. Reason of which is obvious as we do not wish residual effects of insecticides harming all non-target beings.

One-time extermination

We all aware that pest control treatment is not a one-time job. We always go to the source of the insect problem and put up preventive recommendation to our clients in order to minimize future occurrence.

Licensed & Protected

Only registered insecticides by HKSAR government will be applied.

Eco friendly technologies

"We strictly follow the integrated approach to manage pests (IPM) and low toxic chemicals or biochemical pesticides such as Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) and Chitin Inhibitors are only to be applied as a last control measure."